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NBA 2K has Generally had 2 versions of NBA 2K
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NBA 2K has Generally had 2 versions of NBA 2K
29-07-2020, 05:03 AM
Mesaj: #1
NBA 2K has Generally had 2 versions of NBA 2K
Why if a nigga jump early and buy Nba 2k21 Mt I move up he block it? And I broadcast chunk while actually attempting to time it them bitches too. The post scoring has been trash all of a sudden everyone a pole scorer, for three 2Ks because the layups are trash. Is there no layup stat that is standing? Like whats? Is there a badge for speed that is jumpshot. Is there a badge for pass fake animations. Is there a badges for off ball movement. Is there a badge to get the trash ass index yall additional on protection. Like frankly be so damn good because they have to work on it than before they shut down the servers.

NBA 2K has generally had 2 versions of NBA 2K, having a regular edition and a legend one that comprised stuff for MyCareer, MyTeam etc. Is there any information on how will athletes be covered by these creation thing with over 2 work. Yeah, and what do 2 Kobe covers imply? Really like the work, but are there a gap between"Kobe editions"? So I have no idea if you purchase NBA 2K for gen if they will update to the next gen version. If anything, the standard version (Dame and Zion) are just going to be normal versions of NBA 2K. For the Kobe variations, rumor is that your player will be a start. The exact same could be for my team.

The way I view it, don't buy the current gen Kobe edition if you're not upgrading to next gen. Just purchase the conventional game if you are considering going to next gen or waitfor. If information comes out where they supply you with another gen version (Zion or the Kobe version ) for free, then you are pretty much just purchasing what variant you want for present gen. No news has come though, so it is pretty much a waiting game. Hope this gives some insight though and answers your query. Best comment is false.

If your planning to upgrade to next gen buy the Kobe edition for current gen and you will get NBA 2K for free on next gen. Everything but mycareer moves over. So MyTeam will move and MyCareer won't? I mean it's obvious from your comment, but seems weird. Ya, trust me it feels wierd. According NBA2K UK and Ronnie 2K MYTEAM, and VC will move over. This is because there's gonna be a completely new story for gen like new badges and a different story line.

Any words about how's gonna PC model work? I'm a PS participant, but only wondering thanks for clearing it out. PC is gont be gen until November. Personally, I really don't think 2K is finished with the next gen game, that's why PC will not be getting it till November. Yes if you buy it for cheap mt nba 2k21 your old gen, then it will upgrade you at no cost if the new consoles come out later on from the year.

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