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OSRS need to maintain in development
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OSRS need to maintain in development
29-07-2020, 05:01 AM
Mesaj: #1
OSRS need to maintain in development
They would have been a similar price if stone spirits were ore or cheap RuneScape gold bar drops. The problem is that nobody trains the skill using the old bars because they are so low degree. Aviansies dropped addy bars which people used to train smithing now they fall adamant stone spirits but nobody uses adamant anymore because it is now the same grade as steel was if aviansie dropped steel bars back in the afternoon that they wouldn't have been a good moneymaking method either. Adamant ore/bar drops should have been converted to necronium or bane spirits and bane and necronium would have to be the method to train smithing with no goldsmelting.

But everyone gets their mining xp from mining elder animica so those rates are way lower than they'd have been if the means of training mining was low level ores and dropping them. Iron ore/granite was. Yea that's exactly what I meant. Stone spirits are not issue. But high level slayer monsters fall stone spirits instead of grade ones. Or mid lvl monsters drop steel/mithril, they ought to drop rune. Barbarian Assault gambling rewards are for the most part t70+ and worth ~50x more than stone spirits.I do mostly enjoy all the new content although I think last year's updates (Kebos Lowlands and Prifdinnas) were much better. Slayer dungeon, forinthry dungeon,'farming guild, Gauntlet, Zalcano, and crystal trees are all content releases. I was so excited about Nightmare boss and Darkmeyer however I believe they kinda missed the bar.. Drop table should've been like Corp where you at least make a tiny profit 1m/hr or so even without uniques. Idk why they chose to earn a high effort boss using nonstop prayer flicking that hurts and gives carpal tunnel, where you really eliminate money if you don't get extremely lucky.

As for Darkmeyer, the blood shard is crap and there is likely no way it can be made with no OP, rewarding. Daeyalt mine is decent. Sepulchre isn't worth doing solely for XP if you're below 92 agility (Prifdinnas rooftops actually gives more xp than flat 82 Sepulchre even if you're NOT looting) so many individuals who finish grinding black graceful don't have a motive to do it anymore.I believe you, summoning is game altering. It had been great, we've got a lot more suport if bossing/slayer/skilling, when sgs, guthans. It's a skill. Nevertheless, the chief reason was for monsters, that the present combat system couldn't pickup.

We will get in some point in RuneScape where whip is currently a shit weapon and also they need to release something that's more successful and summoning did this without affect RuneScape a lot. But that has been a game that is different that osrs is now. I think that OSRS isn't any more in the same way as RS3 is currently, the foundation of RuneScape have to be altered, such as they did in some quests, Monkey Madness 2, Dragon Slayer two, ToB, etc.. So I am against any abilities from RS3, cause it that match timeline. But I feel like release a new skill and OSRS need to maintain in development. Something different, could be battle changing, skilling changing, something which will change the present metas. But they will need to be careful to not raise dead content.

Remeber warding? I was totaly up for that, why can we smith armour and hide sets but not magical gear? And most significant that isn't a RS3 ability, it's a different manner from RS3 history, feel me? We do not play RuneScape only for nostalgia, we play because it's fun. Nostalgia for me would be to have a minute of memories that I had earlier, feel that's amazing, but you can sense that 24/7 now. People should stop thinking about OSRS as 10-15 year game and think about it today. I love the graphics of it but I really need it to be helpful, we have technology AF right now, that can make incredible things. They could add the choice for buy old school rs gold you to play RuneScape exactly the direction that you desire.

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