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Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine For Copper Strip
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Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine For Copper Strip
17-03-2020, 06:13 AM
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Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine For Copper Strip
Our Factory
Wuxi Xishan Transformer Furnace Factory is a supplier of industrial smelting and casting systems with advanced design and high-end manufacturing capabilities. For 30 years, it has focused on the production and technical upgrading of high-quality copper and copper alloy casting and heat treatment furnaces, in terms of design experience and technical reserves. With deep accumulation, it has a first-mover advantage in the domestic industry, and is a leader in high-end technology and a practitioner of advanced technology. Long-term cooperation with Zhejiang Hailiang, Ningbo Jintian Group, Zhongxing Aoboite, Henan Jinlong, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Nonferrous Institute and Shanghai University, and long-term cooperation, the products are exported to South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Iran, Indonesia and other countries.
Our History
Since its establishment in 1982, the company has focused on the design and manufacture of electric furnace equipment for the non-ferrous industry.
In 2000, passed the ISO900 1:2000 quality system certification;
In 2002, the company developed and manufactured the first 鈥溝?0mm three-flow copper tube horizontal continuous casting unit production line鈥? in 2005, designed and manufactured the first 鈥?50*16mm double-flow zinc white copper strip production line unit鈥?and applied for invention patents;
In 2011, the horizontal continuous casting unit developed and produced passed the EU CE certification;
In 2017, the company developed the first three-flow 160mm brass horizontal continuous casting unit in China, and obtained utility models and invention patents.
In October 1818, in cooperation with Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd., we jointly developed the first high-capacity brass rod production line at home and abroad. The maximum production capacity of the production line is 20t/h, which basically realizes the whole line automation process from feeding to winding.
In May 2019, together with Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd., it developed a four-stream direct-casting seven-stream copper pipe horizontal continuous casting unit.

Our Products
At present, the company has a variety of copper casting products, various types of annealing furnace products. (Product series: "copper pipe / rod horizontal continuous casting unit", "copper plate horizontal continuous casting unit", "upper lead oxygen-free copper production line", "middle frequency furnace / power frequency furnace supporting vertical semi-continuous casting unit", "clock Cover type bright annealing furnace", , etc.)
Production Market
At present, the tentacles of Wuxi Xishan Transformer Furnace Factory have covered more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises.
Hailiang Co., Ltd., Zhongge Aoboite, Ningbo Jintian Group, Shandong Zhongjia New Materials, Qingdao Hongtai Metal Products, Jiangxi Jinpin Copper, Anhui Xinke, Wuxi Longda, Jinlong Group, Powerway Group, Jinchuan Group, Shanghai University, Luoyang Institute, Jiangxi University of Technology锛宔tc.
BrazilTM, Miura Industries, Turkey, Elektrosan, Mexico ELEMENTIA, Vietnam RUBY COPPER, Algeria EURL MOSTEFAOUI, Russia, India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bolivia, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.
Application Areas
Communications, power, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, desalination, etc.
Honor CertificateHorizontal Continuous Casting Machine For Copper Strip

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