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tailor 5 Days Chengdu Daocheng Yading Luxury Tour
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tailor 5 Days Chengdu Daocheng Yading Luxury Tour
13-01-2020, 11:31 AM
Mesaj: #1
tailor 5 Days Chengdu Daocheng Yading Luxury Tour
Based in Chengdu, as a well-known hiking club in western China, UR hike offers you a complete bespoke experience of Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Qinghai, Gansu,Nepal,Moving beyond the majestic beauty of the bushes,lakes,grasslands,rocks, snowy mountains ,we take you into a journey through the arts, culture, history and the way of life that the people of these places follow. All our experiences are specially crafted and can be tailor made to suit your particular taste. You could be a trekker, a photographer, a wildlife enthusiast or simply someone who loves the Mountains. With our list of offbeat destinations and experiences we offer something unique and nothing like anything else. Hidden charge,commercial itinerary don’t exit in our team culture.We dare to be different and make sure once you travel with us you would keep coming back to us. We have on our Team handpicked Partners from each region who know things inside out of their particular area and our ready to share their knowledge in order to ensure that your China experience is like no other.
※Leisure Tour
Crafted leisure tour brings you a fresh and exciting experience to this mystery land,and lead a new way of communication between people.
What it feels like to sleep in nature?Jump into a hot spring in snow mountains?Or eye contact with a money in a buddhist land?maybe everyone feels different, maybe the same. . .
※Road Trip
Road trip preplanning is the essential first step to successfully research and design the perfect itinerary. Choose our classic itinerary or feel free to ask us before you begin!
※Trekking Tour
You can only use your own legs to measure the distance without vehicle.
Here to breathe the purest air, walking on the roads towards mountain , passing the green plants, lovely wooden houses,wild animals,let’s find the meaning of this trip.
※Hiking Tour
On the way closest to the sky, we hear the whisper of wind, feel the pulse of mountain, and throw us into the arms of fairyland. Unlike other sports, when climbing, you can only compete with yourself and succeed by defeating yourself.
※Tailor your trip
We believe taking scenic routes, scouting historical sites, and immersing ourselves in local flavor are the best ways to travel.Whether you are alone,or with friends,family ,we sincerely welcome you to contact us to plan your own adventures.tailor 5 Days Chengdu Daocheng Yading Luxury Tour

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