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"URL is not on Google"
01-04-2019, 12:46 PM (En son düzenleme: 02-04-2019 23:43 PM aaron77.)
Mesaj: #1
"URL is not on Google"
Hello everyone,

Open Cart Version 1.5.4

We are running an older but applicable version of uksitebuilder's "Google Sitemaps, Bing Sitemaps, Image Sitemaps +++" for our antiquated version of OpenCart.

Our page has over 600,000 items listed which is why we have not migrated everything over to a newer version of OC.

The problem is that Google is not crawling our page correctly (nor our other site which utilizes both the latest version of OC and this extension) and instead continues to report that the "URL is not on Google" for over 500k of our pages/items.

When we reference the suggestions by Google "a password-protected page, a noindex directive, or that this is an alternate version of a canonical page (alternate version pages are not indexed)" none of them apply to our site.

Is this a known issue with anyone else? I am admittedly newer to this stuff, however, the person I am working with has been working with OC for many many years and this is something he hasn't had an issue with up until this past year when we migrated another page over to the new version of OC and had a similar issue getting it crawled (it isn't corrected yet either).

Suggestions are VERY welcome!

https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://192168ll.onl/
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01-04-2019, 18:59 PM
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RE: "URL is not on Google"

There may be many reasons.

If you give us your website address, we can help you easier.


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